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Here we have a few examples of some of the more interesting work that we have carried out in the past.

Formula One Cars


This year we took on an enquiry to place 2 Formula One cars into a suitable position so that they could be skated into their necasarry position in a TV studio.


After completing a Site Survey, it was quickly apparent that our 110t Artic Mounted Lorry Loader would be the perfect tool for the job, using his telescopic fly jib, he tele'd out and placed the Formula One cars as per the customers requirements.


Conveyer Belt Install


This was a project which we took on from one of our customers who needed a conveyer belt installed. It need to go through an opening in the building approximately 12m high. 


After a Site Survey from one our Appointed Persons, we decided that our ATF90G-4 working in tandem with our 110t Fassi Lorry Loader would be the best option.


The ATF90 would lift one end (whilst the 110t Fassi lifted the other), once one end of the conveyer was landed in the building on skates, the ATF90 was removed from the Lifting Operation. The 110t Fassi Using his optional telescopic fly jib, then tele'd out, which in turn pushed the conveyer into the building, once it had been safely landed on skates inside the buiding, it was then skated into its final position.

0845 279 4877

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